Sunday, April 11, 2010


just bought the brand new iPad – and I am pretty happy with it. Despite all the drawbacks in terms of missing functionality, the experience is awesome.

Unfortunately there are no iPad Apps on the German or Swiss AppStore, yet, but the Apps from the US AppStore are pretty good already (although not all relevant to Europeans…)

Now I am hoping for a new Skype App that supports the big screen and the new OS 4.0, which is due in summer, to add multitasking and some other new features…

Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting my new camcorder…

I ordered a new camcorder last week, since there will be a new actor joining, soon…

I had a long discussion with a close friend and finally decided against the Panasonic HDC-SD 707 (/ HDC-HS-700 / HDC-TM 700) and for the Sony HDR-XR550VE – which I will pick up later on.

I am really curious how the quality compares to the Panasonic, since it offers 1080/50p and has three sensors compared to one on the Sony.
The reasons for getting the Sony is the availability / price here in Switzerland and the built in GPS, which I will definitely use to geotag my videos (still looking for a solution for my Canon DSLR).

Comparison report will follow here when I had the time to properly compare the two… stay tuned!